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Made from a solid block of Cena black granite

iStone side view
RosettaStone Desktop Memorial




RosettaStone Architecture

Desktop Granite RosettaStone Geometry The dimensional values of a RosettaStone are factors of individual frequencies found in multiple octaves of historic concert pitch.



Wireless Technology

Each stone has internal electronics that responds in less than one second to the touch of an NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled cell phone, allowing the user to read the stone's data file that you author. (pat.pend.)


Archive Print

When a person or family buys a RosettaStone they will add an obituary or story. At a later date, that story can be purchased separately as al 50 page hardbount print. Archive prints are hardbound memorial books with a real ISBN and are accepted by the U.S. Library of Congress Veterans of War Archive. Digital Archiving is included with all stone orders

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